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The Story of Roo

Meet Roo, a kangaroo-style pup who was found at age four weeks, not in his mother’s pouch, but in a lunch bag next to a dumpster. His Good Samaritan helped him become mobile and independent, his foster in our organization continued that good work, and Best Bullies worked to find his forever home.

Roo is now almost a year old, and he may have been discarded, but he hasn't ever been discouraged. In honor of this little guy's determination and skill, we held a fundraiser for him. We set a goal of $1,000, with the aim of covering his veterinary expenses (neutering, shots, and a consultation with a specialist) and purchasing a set of special prosthetic wheels so that he can take walks and enjoy the world outside the confines of a carpeted living room. Running a 10k? Interning with Jackie Chan? Trying out for the Tour de France? Anything seems possible once you meet this incredible, athletic, and ambitious little dog. And it's that spirit that seemed to transcend the boundaries of time and space to reach so many supporters that we were able to exceed our goal, and more than cover the costs of Roo's vetting and wheels.

We are happy to report that Roo took his first steps in his wheels this summer, with his forever family of mother and fur-sibling, BB alum Violet, looking on! We truly believe that helping animals in need takes a village, and we are proud of our network of fosters, donors, and volunteers who were ready to help at every step in Roo's journey. Please enjoy these photos of Roo and his new wheels. The team at Best Bullies, and young Roo, thanks everyone for their support most sincerely.

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