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Our Story

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 Photo credit - Geoff Tischman

Since Best Bullies got started, we have focused our energies on working with long-term shelter dogs who need assistance getting out into the world the ones who just simply need someone to advocate for them. From that beginning, we now work to keep pets out of the shelter and in their homes by offering training and behavior help, and sometime medical help also.  We work with many high-volume shelters that often do not have the means to provide medical help to a sick or injured animal, and that is where Best Bullies will step in and take the dog into our care and get it the proper medical care the dog needs.  We have also established a foster program so we can get many of these dogs out of the stressful shelter environment and help them decompress before they get adopted.  We now have rescued more dogs than can be named here (but we remember them all) and have formed working alliances with other rescue groups in New York and beyond.

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