You might have noticed the custom artwork here on our website, as well as social media pages-- Kerri is the artist who has lovingly created all of these images. Kerri's designs are part of a series designed to bring awareness and help animals in need find homes. 

​Toscana Ristorante

214 Main St 

Eastchester, NY


​The owners and staff at Toscana are very supportive of our rescue. The food is also amazing with a wonderful menu that also includes many vegan options.

Amazon Wishlist

Look us up under "Best Bullies Wishlist!" 

Like many rescue organizations, we use Amazon to order everything from training toys, to leashes and treats to help us prepare our animals to meet their forever families. 



Mount Vernon Animal Shelter

600 Garden Ave,

Mount Vernon, NY 


We love everyone at Mount Vernon Animal Shelter and that is where we get many of our dogs from. The staff and volunteers go above and beyond to care for the animals that are surrendered to them.




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