When Robbie came to us he was only 4.5lbs and near death so we immediately rushed him to our vet where he had to get 2 life saving surgeries. After over a month, he pulled through and is now in a loving home, getting into all kinds of mischief. These photo are his before and after shots.



We couldn't be happier for Flea.

He was a mere 35 lbs when we brought him into Best Bullies, emaciated and riddled with fleas. He spent a week at the vet and now is a healthy 70lb and living in CT with a writer so he has his story book ending. Maybe one day we will see a book written all about him?


Tricky is our first cat adoption. We met him at the shelter when Mathew, one of the wonderful staff members, was giving him a bath. Tricky walked like he was disoriented but no one knew why. We took him into Best Bullies and immediately took him to the vet and found out he has cerebellar. We found a wonderful home for Tricky and get updated photos of him often. He is doing really well and can climb just about anything!


Charlie was a happy go lucky guy at the shelter. We took him into Best Bullies and placed him with a couple who had fostered a few dogs for us before. There was obviously something really special about Charlie, they just couldn't give this boy up. They adopted him and then brought him to our obedience class where he charmed everyone.

CRUZ                              RUPERT


Tink was another nervous nelly at the shelter. It didn't take her long to come out of her shell and now she is quite a character who plays daily with her best friend Cole (another Yonkers dog who was adopted and now lives next to Tink). She is doted on by her new owner who says she is just perfect!




We took Flacco out of the shelter on Superbowl Sunday, hence the name. We named him after the MVP of the game that day. Thankfully his new owner changed his name and he now lives with multiple cats and lots of free range chickens.


Olive had been so shut down at the shelter that it was obvious she would never get adopted because she was so terrified. Once we took her out of that environment she blossomed into a sweet, outgoing dog. She now lives on the upper west side with two amazing artists.



Digby was another long termer who won the lottery when he found Alex. Digby spent a short time at Paws and Play Pet Resort before moving on to greener pastures in Colorado where he is adored by his owner and all his new friends.

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HANK                          WALKER

CRUZ                              RUPERT

roland                       maya       

Angel                             BARNEY