Cisco is a young brindle boy with polite manners and the most charming personality. He's got an affinity for other furfriends, particularly pups with good manners. Cisco came to us because he'd grown from puppy to adolescent dog. In our opinion, Cisco's wiry 10-month-old-frame isn't big at all in comparison to the size of his heart. 

Cisco is looking for a home that is willing to keep up with his socialization skills up to par because he really is a star with his training. It's our hope to find Cisco a foster while he waits for his forever family. We'd like to get him out of the shelter environment so his stellar performance continues.

Paris ​​​is a brindle beauty, who is approximately 3 years old. She was found wandering the woods upstate, after having been abandoned. Paris dotes on her dog friends and finds felines to be the cat’s meow, and would enjoy a family with fur siblings!  Paris can often be found carrying out her training duties in Home Depot, delighting adoring subjects both young and old. 

We are covering costs entirely should your family be interested in fostering Paris, as we would love to get her out of the shelter environment and into a home. It’s important for even the most royal of pibbles to be able to remember what it’s like to be a dog in home again. Paris would love to have a safe space to practice her perfect manners while she searches for her forever family!

Lucy, like another funny redhead, has stolen our hearts since the day we met her. She’s about 5 years old, previously resided with two fluffy felines, and is good with most dog pals she meets.

Lucy loves some girl-time and does well with women, as her previous owner was a wonderful lady. While Miss Lucy is still working on what we’re calling “stranger danger” with men— we’ve found that provided a proper introduction, Lucy is at ease. While this beautiful redhead is enjoying life with her loving foster, she is looking for her forever home. Like any Hollywood starlet, Lucy has some demands of her potential suitors. All that she's looking for is a family with a good sense of humor to match hers, and plenty of room for her to bring her avocado stuffy!



Jazzy came to us as part of a pair, along with her (recently adopted) brother. She is a Bichon-type-dog, and is 10 years old. We are so happy she was quickly taken into foster with a loving family while she adjusts to this change late in life. Since coming into our program, Jazzy has been fully vetted and our doc confirms she is as healthy as a (mini) horse. 

Jazzy’s foster mother reports that she is very mellow and sweet, house trained, loves the other dogs and extremely respectful towards cats. Jazzy is still on the overweight side, but LOVES her walks. Her favorite spot when at home, is on the couch. As it turns out, Miss Jazzy is not a barker (though her two foster siblings are). While Jazzy loves her foster family, she is looking for a forever family that will give her a perfect spot on their couch.

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