is a brindle beauty, who is approximately 3 years old. She came to us as an owner surrender, and is looking to rejoin a family unit. She is trained in the basics, plus some extras like "high-fives," and expert kiss delivery. Paris would love a household with kids who will lavish her with attention and belly rubs. As always, we ask for a meet and greet with your fur-family members to make sure Paris finds her perfect fur-ever friend. 

Rescue Testimonial:  On Owning A Deaf Dog

"I  love having a deaf dog for the following reasons:

She doesn’t hear it when the guy comes to fill the propane tank

She doesn’t hear it when the mailman comes

She understands hand-signals when they are large and dramatic and make me look like a crazy person

She likes her ball

She watches me intently whenever I veer toward or away from the kitchen

She only barks when she doesn’t know where she is (tall grass)

She doesn’t hear it when I tiptoe out of the house without her

She likes to wear sweaters when it’s cold and waits with her eyes closed to have them pulled over her head

She thinks everyone else is deaf too, and so doesn’t feel at all bad about it

She sleeps on my feet

She doesn’t mind snoring."

by Jo Ann Beard,

dog mom to Best Bullies alum Autumn, who is deaf.



is our resident deaf dog, having lost her hearing as most white dogs are prone to. She is approximately 3 or 4 years old, and was brought to us on Halloween over two years ago. Boo is well trained, walks like a dream on a gentle leader, and is ready to find her forever family! She would love to share her new home with another dog, and as always we would need a meet and greet with your fur-family member to make sure Boo finds her perfect fur-friend. 


is a blue-haired beauty who is 4 years old, and came to us as an owner surrender. Infinity's dad was a police officer, and after a divorce, was forced to move into housing that would not allow dogs. Infinity is extremely well trained, and has our volunteers remarking on how well she walks and takes treats, even when she is very excited. She would like a home with other dogs, though a meet and greet would be necessary, as always, to find the best fur-friend match for her. 



is a gorgeous redhead, who is approximately 14 months old. She’s been with us for 8 months, and is a FAST learner! (Scroll to see her in training). Zola would love a household where active exercise and adventure is part of her routine. Because of her puppy-ness, Zola would do especially well with older children. She does well with cats and small dogs, as you can see in the third picture, featuring Fernando. 




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