Quigley is just under 2 years old but has had a pretty rough start and he only weighs 6 lbs but even so, he will need a "chihuahua person" or someone who has a quiet household. He is quite the snuggler and as sweet as can be and such a loving dog but he will take time to warm up to strangers and guests (you chihuahua peeps are already laughing:). He is good with other dogs (and cats) and likes to play with them but if not, then he will actually play with his toys on his own. He is housetrained and loves to go for walks but will use a wee pad also. He does seem to like children but please DO NOT apply for him if you have kids or grandkids who come visit often because he does need a calm household.  If you are interested in Quigley, please e mail us at  BestBulliesNY@aol.com


 Yoshi is quit the dog - He is extremely smart and curious and in his first home, HE ran the show! His previous owners realized they were no match for him and chose to find a better home where he can learn rules and have consistency. He LOVES belly rubs and also likes to snuggle but can leave you alone when you need time for yourself. Right now, Yoshi is terrified of other dogs and screams at them but he is getting training to learn how to cope more appropriately around them but no other dogs for now. We will provide ongoing training to anyone that adopts locally or in upper Manhattan

If you are interested in Yoshi, please e mail us at BestBulliesNY@aol.com




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