Ritsa has been a trainer for over 15 years, continuously working with rescues and shelters. She is currently Training Director for the adult training program at Rikers, and also has her own training business, Happy Hounds. 

Doug Tappan

Doug was a founding member of Best Bullies, after putting in many faithful hours as a volunteer at the Yonkers shelter, training and providing crucial exercise and stimulation for the larger dogs.  He is a husband, a busy father, and an airplane pilot—and we are forever grateful for Doug’s time and expertise in getting Best Bullies off the ground.

Our Team


A Polish native, Agnieszka devotes countless hours to her family's business, Toscana Ristorante of Eastchester, and to helping cats and dogs find fosters and homes through her work with Best Bullies. She has two cats and two dogs, one of whom is Best Bullies alum Robbie, and serves as our willing go-to person for small dogs who need an emergency foster home.

Jo ann beard 

Jo Ann Beard is a writer as well as an animal advocate.  She spends her volunteer time at the Mount Vernon Animal shelter near Sarah Lawrence College, where she teaches creative writing.  Her dog, Autumn, is a Best Bullies rescue. 

Our founders

Best BulliesTo the Rescue


Our Board Members

ann king - CPDT

Ann is a certified dog trainer, and has her own training and pet care business.  She teaches group classes and also teaches free bully basics classes.  She has worked extensively with many local shelters. Ann loves volunteering with the dogs whether it is at the shelter or with her own dogs doing therapy work.  She has three rescue dogs, Truffle the pit bull, Fernando the feisty Chihuahua, and Rodrigo, the very feisty Chihuahua.  She has a rat named Renton, and her sofa is home to countless other critters who need a soft way station on the road of life. 

Christine Quattro
Director of Marketing

Christine is a writer and social media marketer who runs the Best Bullies social media pages and website. Christine works in finance at Sarah Lawrence College so you don't have to. She spends her volunteer time at Mount Vernon Animal Shelter and does her best to explain to her pitbulls Gunner and Cash why she comes home smelling like other animals. 

mission & vision

We devote the time and energy necessary to educate the public and  advocate for those animals in need. The bulk of our work is done behind the scenes in the  Westchester community, and more visibly in partnership with Mount Vernon Animal Shelter.


We will be offering free training classes in partnership with Bully Project. We are currently looking for indoor facilities in NYC. Please let us know if you can help us make this dream a reality!